Right on schedule. Ish.

Well, new chapter is up. Writing this one was a doozy, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Next one will be another interlude.



What happened to the rules?

I don’t even know.

It’s wednesday and there’s a new chapter. What?

I don’t live by anyone’s rules, not even my own.

That’s not true, I’m actually very diligent, but there are some real life issues that are making it hard to stick to a schedule. I will try to be more predictable in the future, until then, enjoy this chapter. I thought it turned out pretty good.




Reduced update frequency

Hello everyone,

Due to a persistent illness, I’m going to reduce the update frequency to once every two weeks until I recover. It’s become clear over the last couple of weeks that I’m not able to keep up with one chapter a week while sick, so every two weeks will have to do. To make up for this, I’m going to start doing a short recap at the start of each chapter of the story so far, hopefully that will help people keep up with the narrative despite the long wait between chapters.



Behold: Stuff!

Alright, I finally got a new chapter posted. The storyboard work is also more or less complete, and I am expecting to be back on schedule for the foreseeable future. Hopefully a side benefit will be that there will be a clearer red thread in the story moving on as well, especially the contemporary narrative.

The plan is for the first arc of the story to extend to somewhere around chapter 35, which is going to put it at around 110k words total, which is a comfortable spot for most fantasy novels I think. So far I’ve planned for the entire The New Thunder storyline to have three such arcs total, which should make it about the size of a normal book trilogy. As each volume wraps up, I will probably take a break for a few weeks as I work on both starting up the new story, and on putting some finishing touches on what’s already been posted.

As an aside, I got listed on the web fiction guide! which is really great, and already has some traffic my way. Any of my readers who want to check that out and give me a rating on the site, or even a review(!), I would appreciate it a lot as this is a site that can really help drive some traffic my way.



Hello everyone,


Sorry for disappearing without notice for the last week or two, some personal issues have been interfering with my writing and posting, and I haven’t had a chance to check in here for some time.

A new chapter is ready, and will be posted this sunday as per usual. I expect to be back to posting regularly after that.

I see there’s been a few visitors while I’ve been gone, which is very exciting! I hope you enjoy my serial, and feel free to leave feedback anywhere if there’s something you wish there was less or more of, or you just want to tell me what you think!




Poppin’ pills and chasin’ chills

Unfortunately, due to illness, and specifically medication and an overabundance of side-effects, I haven’t managed to get this week’s chapter complete in time. It is started, and the storyboard work is more or less complete going forward, so hopefully I can get it up during the start of the week. Hopefully I will be able to post it on Tuesday

No chapter this week

I’m taking a short break from posting this week because I need to do some restructuring of the main storyboard to include a few ideas I’ve been having since I made it.

The thing is almost as old as the serial, and obviously I haven’t been following it 100%, so it’s in severe need of reorganization. Next week will have chapters posted against as per normal.

Sorry about the delay! I hoped I would be able to do this on top of everything else, but it’s enough work that it just isn’t feasible to get everything done in one week and I don’t want to post this week’s chapter before it’s ready, because it may affect the chapter’s content.


Well, the new chapter is up. It’s fairly long, and expositive, and I think it’s nice to have some time to clarify several things about the setting at this point. Hopefully my readers feel the same way.

In other news, a good friend of mine has recently launched a web serial of her own. I absolutely recommend checking it out! It’s a cool, voodoo-filled contemporary fantasy story with clever dialogue and an exciting plot! It’s up to four entries so far and going strong. This is the woman who got me into writing myself, and she’s a consummate craftsman when it comes to the subject, so it’s worth just checking out for the sake of the prose.

Enjoy the stories and have a good week, remember to let me know if you have something to say about the story!


Stuff, and more stuff!

Well, a big ole chapter posted this week, and I think it’s quite good! I definitely got to play around with the prose a little bit on this one, so I hope people enjoy that sort of thing.

Also, I got listed on Muse’s Success.   I super appreciate getting a review or even a rating these, as it’ll help make this serial more visible and hopefully get some more readers.

We’re en route for the Auri narrative to start heading in a more horror-ish direction, whilst Iri is about to begin his foray into the world of political intrigue, and perhaps even the possibility of an all out war!

The entire story comes to about 45k words so far. Most of the introductory stuff is officially complete, which means it’s more or less in route to wrap up the first arc by about 110k words. I like that number, because it’s a good place for a fantasy novel.

Hope you enjoy the read, and let me know in the comments if there’s something you’d like more or less of, or just wanna let me know how you feel about the story so far.

Actual good news!

So, a new chapter is finally up. I’m so sorry about being late on this one, I’ve been struggling with sickness the last couple of weeks and so progress has been slow. Hopefully there will be no more interruptions now, though.

In this chapter, Iri begins his foray into the world of political intrigue. The chips are beginning to fall into place for what’s going to become the main plotline of this story arc, and I think it’s a good one!