Stuff, and more stuff!

Well, a big ole chapter posted this week, and I think it’s quite good! I definitely got to play around with the prose a little bit on this one, so I hope people enjoy that sort of thing.

Also, I got listed on Muse’s Success.   I super appreciate getting a review or even a rating these, as it’ll help make this serial more visible and hopefully get some more readers.

We’re en route for the Auri narrative to start heading in a more horror-ish direction, whilst Iri is about to begin his foray into the world of political intrigue, and perhaps even the possibility of an all out war!

The entire story comes to about 45k words so far. Most of the introductory stuff is officially complete, which means it’s more or less in route to wrap up the first arc by about 110k words. I like that number, because it’s a good place for a fantasy novel.

Hope you enjoy the read, and let me know in the comments if there’s something you’d like more or less of, or just wanna let me know how you feel about the story so far.


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