Prologue: The New Thunder

Record of the Master Wizard Vigilant

Address to the Dukes’ Conclave

Cirka year 55 Anno Regia


A long time have We lived, and many wonders witnessed. Ages come and go, kingdoms rise and fall, for no castle may stand fast upon the shores of time. Such a swell have We seen ere, by the limit of that sphere, of waves relentless surging, sweeping, drawing then to now and there to here. We have faced its shadow long and its current wild and strong, and known: Now everything will change.


Once, We stood upon the fields of Shunda and Gallatth, the Adversary’s swarm oncoming with grim guise and gruesome wrath. That darkness creeping cross the distance of nightmares daunting reminiscence, called by The Foe into existence, a ridge surmounting all resistance. For years its tide had built, nothing aft its wake but wilt, its waters swept the realm of man, washing clean the ancient land. Then that tidal force fell back, and casting a new shadow black, there the Three Kings stood with all mankind, a bulwark made of steel and arcane mind. So it was We then beheld, a crash colliding with itself, and knew: Now everything will change.


Much has shifted, more has stayed, no Adversary yet remains, nor Three Kings standing fast in Mar’s embrace. For though the Snake’s head is no more, its body still does wage the War, the holding holds but will restore nothing of what was before. Those waters have been still, stale from many decades passed, and yet We find ourselves once more upon that wonted shore. Here we see again that shape that shifts domain and age, a swell anew within our view and casting shadows this time neither king, nor soldier, nor mage. A thing unknown though knowing makes it, what winds within the whitecap’s wake is this: Now everything will change.


>> Chapter 1


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