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The Aliud takes place in a dark fantasy setting called Mar, which is recovering from a near apocalyptic war against a devastating enemy. What remains of the realms of man has gathered into a single kingdom, and united to take the world back from the still-fighting war machine of the adversary. Most of the world is still lost to the terrible weapons unleashed in this conflict, and the reclamation effort has been painfully slow and costly.

The current story is called The New Thunder. Mankind has always depended on magic and wizardry as its great source of power, but is on the cusp of discovering a second path that may change the world forever. A scholar from the royal academy has recently invented a weapon that could drastically bolster mankind’s efforts to reclaim their lost world. As he travels to the front with his sister, a gifted agent of the king, they will discover that it may also disrupt the delicate balance of power within the kingdom itself.

Note: The setting is quite dark. I’m not going to give it an age rating, but it does deal with some pretty heavy issues at times, as well as some very graphic violence, so consider this your trigger warning.

>> That’s all I needed to know. Take me straight to chapter one!


This site is dedicated to my attempt at a Web Serial. I was inspired to try out the format after lurking around on various writing and author subreddits on Reddit, as well as reading existing Web Serials like “Worm,” by Wildbow and “The Last Angel,” by Proximal Flame. I absolutely recommend giving these a visit. A good friend of mine did some persistent prodding after I mentioned I was enamored by the concept, and this probably never would have gotten started if it wasn’t for her.

While all stories on this site are going to take place in the world of The Aliud, Mar, and share the themes of that setting, it is likely that I’ll also write some short stories that may not be a part of one of the larger narratives such as The New Thunder. Each chapter is fairly short, and I aim for about 5 standard pages when I write them, which usually means around 3500 words. It’s possible some chapters will need to be longer for story-related reasons, but the idea is that individual chapters shouldn’t be a large commitment of time for the reader. That said, the Aliud is likely to end up becoming a fairly long story, as I have a significant amount of chapters story-boarded. At the moment I am aiming for a little over one hundred chapters to finish the The New Thunder, but it may get slightly longer since I’ll probably come up with more content than I have planned and need to find some way to get it in there.

The plan is to release one chapter every week on Sundays, and I’m hoping to be able to stick to that schedule as much as possible. If there are interruptions, I’ll make a new post giving a new ETA for the next chapter. I’m doing this primarily to get back into the habit of writing, as I haven’t written any fiction in over a decade. As such, I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing, and will be grateful for any constructive feedback provided in the comments.

I’m going to maintain a chapter list here on the front page, to make it easy for people to navigate to the latest chapter, or wherever they’re at. There are also buttons at the top that let you go straight to the latest chapter, or to start at the beginning. At the moment all stories take part in “The New Thunder” narrative, but if I make other stories, I’ll be sure to make that clear in the chapter/story list below. Each chapter will also be updated with a link to the next chapter for easy browsing as soon as the new chapter is posted.

Thanks for reading my about section, and enjoy the stories!

The New Thunder